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About Us

INSTITUTE OF SKILL DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING founded in 2006, keeping in mind, to provide professional education, skill development and training that is inclusive & shall help students/ working people to be certified, competitive and knowledgeable in their area of practice.

Path of professionals growthThe motto of the Institute LEARN. DEVELOP. UPGRADE. GROW, very clearly lays out the path for professional growth.
The Institute specializes in developing new areas in professional growth and skill development and delivering them through their unique courses. The Institute develops the courses right from concept, develops industry focused/ need focused curriculum and innovative course delivery models, keeping in mind a working professional and new entrants in the profession .

Institute focuses on short term, modular courses/ vocational courses that can help apprentice easily understand key concepts and theories and apply them to their practices and profession immediately.



  • To provide professional and vocational education.
  • To improve standards through continuous up-gradation.
  • To provide all levels of education in Primary Healthcare
  • To enhance and sharpen the existing skill set of working professional to improve service and delivery levels.
  • To generate employment through professional & vocational training, improve quality of service and product delivery through skill development and create a sustainable competitiveness in existing healthcare professionals.
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