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Why to be certified?

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In the current global healthcare scenario, there is a wide gap between demand & supply of skilled primary healthcare personnel. The opportunities for healthcare personnel are at historically high level. To grow and survive at cutting edge, one needs continuous up-gradation of existing skill sets or acquiring completely new skill sets, may they be soft skills like counseling, communication or core skills.

The consumer demand for healthcare products and services is continuously increasing due to high level of awareness. The paying capacities of consumer is also increasing as technologically superior products are introduced. The situation demands that practitioners are always updated on new developments and relevant skill sets. In this context, ISDT is playing a crucial role by offering professional skill development to bridge the demand-supply gap.


There are compelling reasons for being certified.
  • ISDT is on forefront of primary Healthcare and skill development education.
  • ISDT designs and provides professional and up-gradation courses for people working in healthcare sector.
  • ISDT courses are designed for practitioners at every academic/ educational level.
  • ISDT courses are world class in their design and delivery and appreciated globally.
  • The courses include Certified Dispensing Optician (for Opticians, Optometrist, Ophthalmic Technician, and Assistants etc.), Hearing aid technician, Patient Counseling and lot more.
  • By creating skill enhancement for existing personnel and creating skilled workforce, ISDT contributes in the national growth.
  • ISDT is helping generate employment opportunities in untapped areas and sectors by empowering people with critical skill sets.
The courses are approved by BSS (National development agency promoted by Government of India)

Why To Be Certified From ISDT ?
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