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 Previously I had a problem in analyzing a patient’s complaints whom we have dispensed. I was unable to correlate the compliant and probable cause, but after doing the course (especially last module on troubleshooting). Now I can correlate complain and analyze the cause and able to identify & solve patient complaint very effectively. This gave an edge in my business!

Mr. Madan Shankar Deshpande, Mahalaxmi Optical Traders, Kolhapur, Maharashtra


 The modules contain general subject matter but presented in very innovative and easy to understand way. Basic concepts are explained beautifully. I found improvement in my business while doing the course my overall experience with ISDT is really very good.


Mr. Dheeraj Madan, Naman Eye Care, Delhi



 The overall course is awesome. It provided me with basic and very important information about lenses, frames & hi-end dispensing of progressive lenses. The course is very helpful in my business.

Mrs. Reena Saxena, Raj Optical, Zalawar, Rajsthan


 After doing this course my communication with customers improve a lot. The perception of myself in customer’s eyes has improved a lot. as I became certified now. I have seen an overall positive impact on my business.


Mr. Suryakant G. Patel, Vishal Chashmaghar, Anand, Gujrat



 After doing the course I could connect with customers better. The course material is excellent & very useful in real life. My knowledge level improved a lot. The course helped me profoundly in improving overall business.

Mr. Shishalkumar R. Patel,Vishal Chashmaghar, Anand, Gujrat  


 I am an optometrist. I have done this course to improve my Dispensing optics. As in optometry generally we focus more on clinical aspect than to hardcore Dispensing. The course helped me gat a very good job at VISION EXPRESS and now in Dubai. The modules (study material helped me tremendously in preparation of their license exam. The course helped me tremendously in Dispensing spectacles & in troubleshooting. I use the course material as reference till today.

Excellent course! The Optometrists must do it to improve their Dispensing skills. As much of the actions today is in optical retail.
Mr. Nikhil A. Chaudhary, B.Opt, Optometrist, Yatim Opticals, Dubai


 Certified Dispensing Optician course is a MUST DO for every optician. I personally found its profound impact on my business & overall improvement in my skill level. My suggestion –Go for it!!

Mr. Pratik Narang, Palak Optical, Delhi




 I was looking for some short terms course to upgrade myself. I came to know about CDO through booklet sent by institute. The course is really fulfilled my expectations. The technical content is outstanding. I saw an overall improvement of 10% in my business since. I have completed the course. I think due to better counseling & use of correct technical explanation to patient queries is the driver for this business growth.

I specially thank ISDT for providing us with such a sound course.

Mr. Madhukar R. Kotkar, Shri Marleshwar Optician, Dadar, Mumbai




I have completed the course in Jan. I found the overall process very simple. The course material 


is very good and in simple language. The course helped me profoundly in improving my technical 


knowledge as well as counseling skills. The Academic Support provided by institute is excellent, 


especially the tele-tutoring. The overall experience in excellent.


Mr. Manohar D. Surve, Ashirwad Optician, Boriwali, Mumbai




It was fantastic experience to learn in ISDT. I am very pleased by their service and professional approach.

I highly recommend to any professional who find the course  module suiting to their professional career.

Mr. John Smith, AD