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Basic Photography

Courses Basic Photography (PHOTOGRAPHY)
Course Application Form

Course Application Form


 For whom: photography beginner, enthusiast who wants to take better pictures

Student are required to bring their camera

Student shall reach at outdoor location on his/her own.


 Basic Photography




 3 month

Course Details

Course name

Basic Photography


1 Day




Rs. 2500/- per student (Including Tea, Lunch)


Classroom & Hand son Practical’s


Course Outline


·         Camera: types: film& digital, crop sensor and full sensor

·         Camera: workings and functions

·         Basic terminology regarding lenses, settings and explanation of various modes on dial

·         Progression of photography: enthusiast to professional, progression of equipment

·         Popular brands in Indian market

·         Gear: Camera, lens, tripod, heads, flash bags etc.

·         Types of photography (genres)

·         Basic concepts: shutter speed, ISO, aperture

·         Relationships of various parameters

·         Advanced concepts: depth of field and factors affecting, hyper focal distance etc.

·         Factors affecting image, histogram, how to read histogram, how to use histogram

·         Understanding Metering: evaluative, center weighted, spot and partial

·         Understanding white balance, settings

·         Focusing: autofocus

·         What is good photograph? Basics and group discussion

·         Common settings/ modes for various situations

·         How to hold the camera? Hands on

·         Effect of shake

·         Why my images are not so good

·         Composition, framing


v  Hands on at outdoor:

·         Holding the camera

·         Settings on field, indoor etc.

·         Taking picture

·         Composition, background

·         Analysis of shot image






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