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Diploma in Optometry

Courses  Diploma in Optometry (DO)
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Course Application Form

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Course Brochure

 Diploma in Optometry is 2 years programme focused on imparting fundamental skills to serve eye care industry. The programme is focused on creating sustainable human resource to cater to ever increasing demands and huge chronic deficite of eye care professionals at field level.

The programme covers all core subjects of primary eye care. The programme is designed to impart basic concepts and high level of skills to deliver world class eye care.

15 million people in India are blind, which is 50% of world’s blind population.The root cause for the increase in the numbers of patients with blindness in India is the insufficient mechanism for primary eye care. With eye care featuring in the lowest rung for personal healthcare, the problem is exacerbated by a general lack of awareness and poor access to eye care professionals.

There is an urgent need to bridge this void as poor vision can not only impact the personal life of an individual but can also have a telling effect on his or her productivity. According to WHO estimates, globally, poor vision results in an economic productivity loss of $275 billion, with China accounting for the biggest chunk of that at $65 billion. According to another study done among Indian workers, good eye care and vision correction led to an over 30% increase in their incomes and a 25% increase in productivity.
(Ref:The Economic Times,8 Oct. 2015)
There is approximately 1 Ophthalmologist to 90,000 people, 1 Optometrist to 100,000 people and 1 Diploma Optometrist/ Assistant to 45000 people. 


The programme is devided into 2 years including 6 months of internship at Ophthalmic hospital/clinic. The programme covers all core Optometry topics. The programme focuses on imparting high level of practical skills in management of various occular conditions at diverse settings.

The programme is delivered through designated Training Centers across India. The exam is continuous evaluation with skill test. The exams are conducted annually at Training centers.

The programme has two distinct elements of Skill and Theory. The Skill has 60% weightage in overall system.

The syllabus broadly covers following subjects:

  • Occular Anatomy & Physiology
  • Optics
  • Ophthalmic Optics
  • Refraction
  • Occular Diseases
  • Assistance to Ophthalmologist/Optometrist
  • Dispensing Optics
  • Community Eye Care & Organization of Camps
  • Business Skills 



  • The programme is affiliated to National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) 
  • The National Skill Development Corporation, (NSDC) is a one of its kind, Public Private Partnership in India, under the Ministry of Skill Development & Entrepreneurship. It aims to promote skill development by catalyzing creation of large, quality, for-profit vocational institutions. 

The Institute has national & international collaborations/support from

  • Pune Optical Traders Association
  • Ahmedabad Optical association
  • Surat Optical Association,
  • Valsad District Optical Association, Gujrat.
  • Ahmednagar Optical Traders association
  • Jaipur Zilla Optical Association

These collaboration help us to be at cutting edge of the developments in international arena.
The course design is industry focused and has in built flexibility to make changes in syllabus following the trends in industry.






ISDT provides continuous academic support throughout the course duration and beyond. The support includes:

  • Tele-tutoring
  • Access to web based resources like study modules, videos and other resources
  • Online account where one can access academic and general resources, important information like training sessions, online examination and tests and access their scores.
  •  Post queries through dedicated email.
  • The students get lifetime online & tele support even after passing the course. We help them solving their patient queries, technical and business related problems etc.
  • They can avail special discounts on new courses, on enrollment of their staff etc.


On Demand Training


The innovative concept of ON DEMAND TRAINING is introduced to maintain the flexibility of time for students. The students can choose the topics which they feel they must learn practically under the instructor. The DEMAND can be made for practical session. The institute arranges the same at its campus or at its affiliate/ partner organization. The dates are conveyed to the students and then they can attend the training. 

The Institute has developed an innovative delivery model for its courses for professionals called ON DEMAND TRAINING. The training is delivered through centers (depending on student strength from area), online and through telecounseling along with world-class printed study materials. Training is also delivered by collaborating with professional associations (eg. optical associations). Industry participation in training delivery ensures latest updates in products and dispensing.

The Institute has network of Training Centers across India to impart practical/skill training.


Course Delivery


The courses are delivered through network of training centers across India. The students can access course materials online and in printed format. 

The online platform provides access to exams, assignments and various learning resources to registered students. The students can submit assignments and tests online.

The courses have academic help lines. It helps in tele-tutoring or online tutoring and problem solving. Every course has a complete academic support. 

The On Demand Training facility gives access to physical teaching facility to students. Students can come to Institute’s facility for contact sessions and access training, lectures and practical. These training sessions are arranged on group basis. eg. if min. 5 students want to learn about Progressive lens fittings, IPD measurement or eye testing, they can visit the institute on predetermined schedule and attend classes and practical.

For partner organizations, the training sessions will be arranged at their base city for their enrolled members.



 Programme Details:


Programme code DO
Programme Duration 2 Years (includes 6 months internship)
Mode Flexible Learning / Full Time
Eligibility  min. 12th Science pass
Assessment     Continuous evaluation through monthly assignments. Annual final exam plus skill test
Certification  ISDT & NSDC joint certification
Programme Fees Rs. 25000/-year*

 * subject to change without prior notice.

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